The Committee have decided to cancel the Summer Flower Show, obviously because of Coronavirus and the ability to do safe social distancing.

Instead we would like to organise an alternative celebration of gardening, arts and crafts for local residents  to look forward to. The exact format and details are still dependent on what social activities will be realistically allowed within  Coronavirus rules and guidelines.

Preliminary thoughts are based on providing a Village Trail, encouraging walking or cycling as good exercise, and in order to observe physical distancing the event could run for the full weekend, ie Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd August.

Everyone would be invited to put displays of flowers, vegetables and crafts in their front gardens/gateways/on the allotments, in anyway they want; no entry fees; no judging, just a show case of all the great work that has kept us busy during the past weeks; and will certainly continue for the next few months. 

More details will be provided shortly – so keep an eye on our website for updates.

An entry

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Division A: FLOWERS

TIPS AND INFORMATION: All entries must be as specified below, decorative foliage should not be included with classes only requiring stems.  Where dimensions are specified please check these carefully. For information on daffodil varieties please click here.

A1 Vase of trumpet daffodils 3 stems
A2 Vase of large cup daffodils 3 stems
A3 Vase of small cup daffodils 3 stems
A4 Vase of double daffodils 3 stems
A5 Vase of miniature or small-headed daffodils 3 stems
A6 Vase of multi-headed daffodils 3 stems
A7 One trumpet daffodil  
A8 One large cup daffodil  
A9 One small cup daffodil  
A10 One double daffodil  
A11 Vase of daffodils to contain at least 3 varieties 5 stems
A12 One bowl or pot of daffodils as grown  
A13 Vase of tulips – any variety or varieties 3 stems
A14 Vase of polyanthus – any variety or varieties 5 stems
A15 Vase of spring flowers  
A16 One specimen hyacinth bloom (cut)  
A17 One bowl or pot of tulips shown as grown  
A18 One bowl of primroses  
A19 A bowl of five floating hellebore flowers  
A20 One cactus  
A21 One succulent  
A22 Cut shrub, any one variety, under 60×60 cm (2’x2’), unlimited height
A23 One flowering pot plant  
A24 One fern or foliage plant  
A25 An arrangement of daffodils and foliage in any container, to be judged for frontal effect, under 60x60x60 cm (2’x2’x2’) *
A26 “Green and Yellow”, a floral arrangement for effect, under 60x60x60 cm (2’x2’x2’) *
A27 Minature floral decoration, under 7.5 cm (3”) overall *
A28 A28  Petite floral arrangement, not less than 10 cm (4”) or more than 22.5 cm (9”) *

*Plant material does not have to be grown by the exhibitor.


B1 Leeks a pair
B2 Sprouting broccoli 8 shoots
B3 Chard or spinach 8 leaves
B4 Rhubarb 3 sticks
B5 Cauliflower 1 head
B6 Any other vegetable(s)  


C1 Jar of marmalade  
C2 Jar of jam, any variety  
C3 Jar of lemon curd  
C4 Jar of chutney  
C5 Jar of honey  
C6 Plate of cheese biscuits or straws #
C7 Five plain scones #
C8 Five Easter cakes (biscuits) #
C9 Five hot cross buns #
C10 Homemade bread, not made in a bread machine #
C11 Homemade bread, made in a bread machine #
C12 Victoria sponge #
C13 Lemon drizzle cake (using the recipe shown here) #
C14 Simnel cake #
C15 Ginger cake #
C16 A savoury pasty #
C17 A chocolate cake for Easter #
C18 Five new laid eggs

# cling film to cover exhibits is optional


D1 One bottle of homemade wine, red sweet
D2 One bottle of homemade wine, red dry
D3 One bottle of homemade wine, white sweet
D4 One bottle of homemade wine, white dry
D5 One bottle of homemade beer or lager
D6 One bottle of homemade cider
D7 One bottle of liqueur

Note: All wine bottles should be clear with cork or plastic stoppers.


E1 A collage or picture from recycled materials
E2 Needlework
E3 Knitting
E4 Any other craft
E5 Original painting in watercolours
E6 Original painting in any other medium
E7 Original drawing
E8 An Easter card
E9 One black and white photograph
E10 One colour photograph



J1 Vase of trumpet daffodils 3 stems
J2 Vase of large or small cup daffodils 3 stems
J3 Vase of daffodils – any other variety 3 stems
J4 One hyacinth bloom  
J5 A bowl of floating flowers  
J6 A bowl of primroses  
J7 An arrangement of spring flowers *  
J8 An arrangement of shooting twigs *  
J9 Minature floral decoration, not to exceed 7.5 cm (3”) *  
J10 Minature garden on a dinner plate *  

*plant material does not have to be grown by the exhibitor


K1 Five fancy cakes #    
K2 A chocolate cake for Easter #    
K3 Four flapjacks #    
K4 An appetising and healthy lunchbox (displayed in a single container)    
K5 Five Easter cakes (biscuits)    
K6 A plate of cheese straws #    
K7 Five new laid eggs.    
K8 A design for a mobile phone case    
K9 An Easter bonnet    
K10 A collage or picture from recycled materials    
K11 Decorated hen’s egg under 8 years
K12 Decorated hen’s egg 8 – 11 years
K13 Decorated hen’s egg 12-16 years
K14 Necklace made from natural materials under 8 years
K15 Necklace made from natural materials 8 – 11 years
K16 Necklace made from natural materials 12-16 years
K17 Item of handicraft (including models)  under 8 years
K18 Item of handicraft (including models)  8 – 11 years
K19 Item of handicraft (including models)  12 – 16 years
K20 Picture under 8 years
K21 Picture 8 – 11 years
K22 Picture 12 – 16 years
K23 Picture made on a computer under 8 years
K24 Picture made on a computer 8 – 11 years
K25 Picture made on a computer 12 – 16 years
K26 Handwriting – a thank you letter under 8 years
K27 Handwriting – a thank you letter 8 – 11 years
K28 Handwriting – a thank you letter 12 – 16 years
K29 Design an Easter card under 8 years
K30 Design an Easter card 8 – 11 years
K31 Design an Easter card 12 – 16 years
K32 Photograph under 8 years
K33 Photograph 8 – 11 years
K34 Photograph 12 – 16 years
K35 Cress grown in an unusual container  
K36 Easter chick, any construction  

# cling film to cover exhibits is optional

Lemon Dizzle Cake Recipe for Class C13

4oz soft margarine 4oz caster sugar
Grated rind of 1 lemon 2 eggs
6oz self raising flower 1-2 tablespoons of milk
For the topping, juice of 1 lemon, 2oz caster sugar

Method: Cream margarine, sugar and rind together.  Gradually beat in the eggs with the flower and milk as needed.  Place mixture in a greased and lined 2lb loaf tin.  Place in pre headed oven 150deg C320 deg F, Gas mark 3 for 50-60 min. 
Mix topping.  Remove cake, leave in tin and pour over topping whilst the cake is still hot.  Leave in tin until completely cool.