UPDATE: 31st March 2020!

After a very successful session selling the chitted potatoes for the potato competition on Saturday, there are now only 10 left!

These will be on sale outside the Community Shop this coming Saturday 4th April from 10.30am until they are sold (or for a couple of hours, whichever is the soonest). Only £1 each!

UPDATE: 25th March 2020!

The Potato Competition is back for the fourth year by popular demand! 
The Potatoes have been “chitted” for the usual Potato Bucket Challenge and I’m sure we can all agree it would be nice to have something else to think about!

If you would like to enter the Container Potato Growing Challenge 2020, then the seed potatoes will be available to purchase (£1 each) outside the village shop this Saturday (28/03/20) from 10.30 am and the following Saturday (4/04/02), if there are any left. You can pick one up when you’re doing your essential food shopping!

A policy of keeping 2m distant will of course apply.
Please pass it on. Even if the Summer Show does not take place we will find an opportunity to weight the crop and award a prize!

About Spaxton Flower Show

The flower shows have long been the staple of Spaxton village life.

Twice a year locals come together to enter the wonderful items they have spent time growing or making, or to simply to admire the work of those with greenfingers and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.